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The Detective Rafael Ramos Foundation, Inc. was formed in memory of New York Police Department Detective Rafael Ramos, who was shot and killed while on duty in a marked patrol car on December 20, 2014.  The Foundation’s purpose embodies the character and values of Detective Rafael Ramos.  The Foundation seeks to: (i) raise awareness as it pertains to the dangers faced by law enforcement officers in the course of their daily work; (ii) educate community members to lessen tensions and distrust and to improve the relationship between neighborhoods and law enforcement; and (iii) provide financial assistance to families of slain law enforcement personnel that suddenly find themselves in financially distressed situations. Through education, outreach and community activities, the Foundation seeks to raise social awareness of the dangers faced by law enforcement officers and to develop positive relationships between communities and the law enforcement officers who work in them on a regular basis.

Survivors Fund & Benefits

The Foundation’s survivor fund provides assistance through fundraising events and scholarship programs for immediate family members who face financial difficulty with the sudden loss of a law enforcement family member killed in the line of duty (widows, widowers, and dependent children). Financial support can include funds necessary for family housing, education of children and daily living expenses. In addition, the Foundation seeks to facilitate education through the donation of funds either directly to a project or to an organization involved in projects that meet the Foundation’s stated purposes.


Our Foundation is committed to promoting social welfare by working in the most impoverished communities, where crime might be more prevalent, by supporting educational programs for underprivileged youth, along with supporting events to reduce neighborhood tensions between residents and police in an effort to cultivate a strong relationship between the community and local law enforcement. The Foundation intends to use social media when deemed appropriate to chronicle its efforts and activities as well as to assist in securing necessary funds.  By offering educational events as well as providing publications, the Foundation also intends to educate the public on subjects useful to individuals and beneficial to the community. The Foundation intends to seek out opportunities for community outreach via opportunities, indentified by Board members, that fulfill the mission of providing financial assistance to families in need as well as improving the relationship between communities and law enforcement. Funds received by the Foundation will be used exclusively for the charitable purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Helping Families

It is the goal of the Foundation to help communities and families, through education and social programs, to better the relationship between neighborhoods and police as well as to provide needed financial assistance as families go through the process of rebuilding their lives after the sudden loss of a family member in law enforcement.

Join Our Mission

There are many smaller police departments within the U.S. and abroad that cannot financially support the widows, widowers and orphans left behind after an officer is killed in the line of duty.  It is the Foundation's goal to seek, find and support the families of Law Enforcement Officers killed in action.  We believe it is our social responsibility to assist them through the emotional and fiscal difficulties that arise from these devastating events.  Your contributions will allow us to carry out the Mission. Please donate to this worthy and honorable cause.  Any amount is helpful and appreciated.

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Inspiring stories

Support For Dallas

The Detective Rafael Ramos Foundation along with Tunnel to Towers Foundation had the opportunity to be the very first to support the familes of the fallen officers from the Dallas Police Department. Thanks to all of your support, and through Tunnel to Towers Foundation, we were able help the families recieve large donations towards their homes. 

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Special Day with the New York Mets

Rafael Ramos lost his life in the line of duty December 20th 2014 just a few days before Christmas. So many were heart broken to hear the news that shocked the world. One of those people was New York Mets captain David Wright; David is the son of a Police officer and has always known the danger surrounding Law Enforcement.

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